8 Tips to Improve Your Website’s Readability

Posted on : 03-11-2011 | In : Article Writing, Content Writing Tips, Online Writing


We all want our readers keep coming back to our site, enjoying the usability and admiring the readability. In this article we will discuss 8 simple steps that help your readers scan the website and extract information easily.

  1. Take Typography seriously
    Typography is a very important aspect of web design. If you follow some basic guidelines and typographic scale, you can make sure that the page is not scaring people off. Typographic scales make the text more legible.
  2. Scalable hierarchy
    This is an inevitable part of the layout. It helps separate headings and sub heading from the body and shows a reader how to read through the page. Hierarchy plays a major role in making the text more scannable.
  3. Apply the right colour contrast
    Colour contrast is another crucial element that decides the readability of your website. You might find light gray text on white background stunning and slick, but if your target group is people over 60, you might want reconsider using this contrast. Black on white is the standard contrast colours. To achieve readability it is always good to play with the black on white contrast, if you want to make your website more readable.
  4. Ensure sufficient line height
    The space between individual lines of the content is another factor that can determine the readability. Sufficient height between lines makes the text more scannable. If line height is too short or too large the text won’t be appealing to the eyes of busy reader. Like the line height the space between letters can also affect legibility.
  5. A good Line Length can make the page scan-friendly
    This refers to the number of words placed in a line. A good line length allows readers easily follow the text.
  6. Intelligent use of whitespace
    Making good use of the empty space between sections is the key to improving readability of your web content. Here is an example:
  7. Reduce the text density
    Large blocks of texts can intimidate readers as it gives an ‘information overloaded’ impression to them. Make use of bullet, sub heading and columns and grid to make your text more scan friendly.
  8. Break the conventions
    Rules are meant to be broken. Don’t follow text book rules, think creative and bring in new elements to your web page that makes it more readable.

Start implementing these tips to improve the readability of your articles.

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