Finding The Right Images For Your Blog Articles

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Spicing up your blog with a striking image is a great way to attract more readers into your blog. With the proper use of the alt tag and keywords, images can be optimized for search engines. This way you can add another on-page SEO element to your blog.

But, how do you find high quality images that suit your blog post? Here are a few tips that will help you locate the right image for your blog.

Finding The Right Image For Your Website – Things To Consider

When searching for an image that draws attention to your content and repeat visitors you need to consider a few facts.

  1. Pick Professional Photos: It is very important that you select professional photos. If you choose photos that are amateurish or ugly, it can spoil your blog’s reputation. So try to find images that can enhance your user experience.
  2. Choose an intriguing image: If you can’t find an image that is directly connected to your blog post, pick an intriguing image. For example, if your blog is about ‘Blogging: DIY or Hire A Professional Writer?’ you can even take an image that features two boxers ready to fight each other. An image with nice colours, good contrast or great composition can appeal to the human eye. To find such an image, you might have to run an extensive research.

How To Find An Image

Here comes the tough part, how and where to find images. Here are a few tips that will help you find a suitable image for your post:

Take free images: There are many sites like flicker that offers free, yet quality images. You can check these sites for royalty free images. Using advanced search option you can get images with creative common licences. This way you can find a suitable image for your post without violating the copyrights.

Buy Images: Buying image is another great way to find the right image. There are tons of sites that allow you buy royalty free, copyrighted images. Some sites are expensive, but sites like Istock photos are a great way to find cost effective yet incredible images.

“Borrow” images from friends: If you know friends who are photographers, consider borrowing images from them. Of course you have to give them credit. This way they will also get more exposure and you will get an image that meets your needs.

Take your own: If you have the time, talent and a digital camera you can shoot and use your own photographs. With the help of an image editor you can also edit the snaps. You can also make use of computer graphics or drawing program to make illustrations that can accompany your blog post.

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