Mobile Blogging for Travel Writers: Advantages

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As a travel writer, you are always on the go and you never know when and where you will be taken over by the desire to blog. Whether you are on the top of Eiffel Tower or in the deserts of Rajasthan, mobile blogging helps you get your ideas easily into the blogosphere. Here are a few reasons why travel writers are using smart Moblogging applications and why you might want to consider using the same:

The convenience of anywhere, anytime blogging

As a writer always on the move, it is better to have a system to capture your eureka moments. If you wait until you reach home to write, your ideas may get stale and you may lose your motivation to write. When you have a smart phone with easy to use blogging applications, you don’t have to wait till you reach home to share your thoughts with your readers.

There are tons of apps to make blogging on-the-go a reality

WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, or Livejournal, no matter what blogging platform you use, you will find a mobile blogging app. The good news is that all smart phones like IPhones, Android phones and Blackberrys have easy-to-use apps that make blogging on the go a reality.

Here are a few popular mobile blogging apps:

  • WordMobi: An application that supports WordPress
  • iBlogger-With iBlogger you can compose entries offline for later posting
  • Tumbler: Lets you post links, images, quotes and other content to your Tumblr account directly from your iPhone
  • Blogger: The Blogger app allows you to upload images and text, and comes with a friendly user interface.

Mobile freedom can give fresh perspectives

Working from office might help make writers more organized. However, breaking free from the office can sometime boost your creativity. When you travel around your creative sponge will absorb new perspectives and you can convey them to your readers then and there through smart moblogging apps.

Mobile blogging makes bustling interactions possible

You can not only post your write up through mobile, you can also actively take part in the discussions by replying to readers’ comments instantly.

Share photos and videos to your blog in the blink of an eye

Mobile blogging apps are not only help you with writing, the built-in cameras make it easy for you to shoot and share photos and videos. This way you can save the extra effort of transferring the pictures to your computers and then uploading it to your blog.

Since smart phone keyboards are getting real smart, typing lengthy text is no more cumbersome. So, on the days your mind is overflowing with ideas and images, take out your phone, write your post, shoot some cool pick and share them with the world on the go!

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