Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

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Writing product descriptions for an ecommerce website can be time consuming and sometimes downright difficult. However, by following certain best practices you can easily create product copy that grabs attention.

Want to know what are the best product description writing practices? Read on.

Writer’s Block? Knock it Over

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When writing is your livelihood, writer’s block can be your worst enemy. If you are looking for a magic spell that can get you to work, let me remind you; there is no such magic spell. Here are a few a practical tips that will help you take your writer’s block head on.

5 Tips To Block Distractions While Writing

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“God, please give me a productive day.’’

Is that what you pray every time you sit in front of your office computer? Do you find it difficult to resist the temptation to Facebook? Do you want to log out of Gtalk and resume writing articles or blog posts? If you are longing for a way or writing advice to write distraction free, here are 5 tips:

5 Ways to Write Sure-Fire Headlines

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Without a headline that catches the attention of a surfer, your blog post or article does not exist. Your headline is the first impression you can make on any reader. Here 5 ways to write sure-fire headlines that help you turn your visitors into readers.

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