5 Copywriting Secrets Revealed

Posted on : 01-06-2011 | In : Copy Writing


Do you want to write a copy that makes your client’s sales go through the roof?

Here are five secret ingredients that can help you create a copy that grabs your reader’s attention and influences their buying decision.

  1. Unlearn: Before venturing to write a copy for a new client, you should unlearn all text book lessons about ‘how to write Ad copy or how to become a copywriter’. You need to look at your copywriting project with a fresh and wide open mind. If you keep doing what you have always done, you will end up writing the same kind of copies. Remember, everyone needs a bold, original and different copy.
  2. Understand the brief: The next step towards writing a copy is to understand the client’s brief. Read the brief several times, understand the product and services you need to write about. Ask vital questions like what are the objectives of the copy? Who is the target audience? What kind of a headline can attract your prospects’ attention?
  3. Write an attention grabbing headline: Once you get an answer to those vital questions, it is time for you to write a persuasive headline. The headline should clearly communicate the features of the product, the benefits your prospects get in an easily digestible and believable way.
    For example if your target audience desire save time and your product will do that for them, use your headline to tell them that feature boldly and specifically: IS THERE ANYTHING MORE PRECIOUS THAN THE TIME YOU GET TO LIVE YOUR LIFE? Based on the design, you can make your copy either short or long.
  4. Create a convincing body copy: Copywriting is not just about writing persuasive headlines. It is also about holding the interest of your target audience by immediately delivering what was promised in the headline. And here comes the role of a body copy. You can use your body copy to list out the features and benefits of the product or service in detail.
  5. Respect your reader’s time: Your Ad copy has to be absolutely crystal clear and short. Whether it is a print Ad, hoardings or website banners, readers will be only scanning through the copy. So, use simple words and write a crisp copy that can even glue scanning eyes to the content.

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