How To Write A Brochure

Posted on : 30-06-2011 | In : Copy Writing


Are you looking for writing advice that will help you create compelling brochure copy? If you want to write brochure copy that leaves your readers eager to find out more, read this blog post.

Start your brochure copy from the cover: Instead of just considering the front cover as a space to add the product information or business contact details, the space should be used to lure the prospects into reading the copy. Just come up with a headline based on an interesting concept. The design and content of the brochure should revolve around the front cover concept.

Focus on persuasion, not just on information: Of course, you have to write about products and services or a particular brand in the copy. However, you have to carry out the same concept which you used on your front over page throughout the copy. You can even use an analogy to make your copy more readable. This way you can present your facts in a new light which your readers will be happy to devour.

Sell benefits, not features: Customers are not only interested in knowing the features and USPs of a product but also how they can benefit. Tweak your facts in such a way that it should sound like useful information or benefits, not just a mere listing of features of the products.

Don’t overwhelm readers with technical jargon: Better not to stuff your brochure with technical jargons. The best way to present technical information is to use charts or diagrams or tables. This way you can make sure that the information is conveyed without affecting the flow.
Craft the perfect end: Brochures are fundamentally sales pitches, so the copy should end with a call for action. The copy should direct the customers to the next step.

By maintaining consistency in writing and creating a customer oriented brochure copy you can attract the right kind of readers and boost sales.

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