Online Writing: 6 Things To Remember

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When it comes to writing for the web there are many restrictions. There is usually a word length restriction as the readers prefer to scan through than read every word. Here are 6 web content writing tips that will help you create compelling online content.

  1. Understand your audience’s needs: Though this is quiet obvious, writers often take it for granted. The only way to write relevant web copy that targets the right audience is to understand your audience and their expectations. Depending on the locality of your prospects you might have to customise your language and vocabulary.
  2. Headlines: By writing a good headline that lets your readers know what you are going to write about you can generate interest. It is better to write short, catchy headlines.
  3. Use shorter sentences: Keep your web copy short and simple. This way a reader can easily understand your copy. Minimise punctuation as best you can as they can be difficult to discern on screens.
  4. Use hyperlinks wisely: Your hyperlinked words tend to stand out against standard copy. So be sure to hyperlink relevant words to motivate users to read through your site.
  5. Make your online content SEO friendly: There is no point in writing online content, if it is not optimized for search engines. If you don’t write SEO copy readers and search engines might not be able to find your page. To make your copy SEO compliant, all you have to do is use your keyword in the headline and two times in the opening paragraph and six or seven times throughout the body. Be sure to use the keyword in the last sentence as well.
  6. Proof read: Once the copy is ready, you need to find some time for proof reading and editing. Typos or grammatical errors can be a huge turn off to readers.

These are some of the points you should keep in mind when writing online content or content for the web. Read through our blog for more useful writing tips and advice.

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