Does Your Resume Have The Secret Ingredient?

Posted on : 21-09-2011 | In : Resume Writing Tips


Does your resume give the impression of a plain boring soup that doesn’t entice any enthusiasm from the receivers end?

Do you want to add the right ingredient and flavour to your resume and make it a hard one to miss? Here are a few tips to write a resume that satisfies an employer’s appetite for the perfect candidate.

Know what you are cooking up: The first step towards creating a hard to ignore CV is to understand what you want to achieve. What are your goals? Carefully access the necessary ingredients and then invest enough time to write the resume.

Sprinkle the right amount of keywords: You need to make sure you have sprinkled the right amount of keywords into it. The lack of keywords can turn out to be a spoiler since recruiters won’t be able to spot you. For instance if you are applying for a content writing job, it’s important that you use the keyword content writing 6-7 times throughout the resume.

Fill your resume with relevant information in an easy to read manner: The next step is to fill your resume with relevant information which simply means put your previous work experience in bullet points.When adding bullet points please remember that people are tired of clichés and they are looking for fresh and honest perspectives.

For instance instead of writing

  • Managed content writing team

why don’t you try writing something like

  • Lead a ten member team of content writers which won many organizational awards

Dead bullet points like the first one can be a huge turn off just like that plain boring soup as it won’t lend itself to meaningful conversation. The second bullet point has enough life and flavour to initiate a satisfying conversation.

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