5 Ways to Write Sure-Fire Headlines

Posted on : 27-06-2011 | In : Writing Advice


Without a headline that catches the attention of a surfer, your blog post or article does not exist. Your headline is the first impression you can make on any reader. Here 5 ways to write sure-fire headlines that help you turn your visitors into readers.

  1. Question headline: By using a question that your readers would love to answer as headline you can grab their attention. For instance, when you write a headline like ‘Do You Save Your Password Even on a Shared Computer?’ readers are bound to stop for a while. Many people can empathize with these sorts of questions.
  2. The command headline: The command headline is another way to capture the attention of a visitor. Such headlines boldly tell a reader what s/he needs to do.  When you write ‘Subscribe to Content Writer Hub Blogs Today!’ it is a bold statement that demands some action from a reader.
  3. Who else: Beginning a title withWho Else’ is another great way to grab readers’ attention.  For instance, ‘Who Else Wants to Make Money from Betting’ can work like magic, if you are writing about betting advice and tips.
  4. “N” ways to write: “N” ways to write titles are another effective technique. Suppose you are writing an article or blog post that lists ways to write sure fire headlines or to bring traffic to your blog the best title you can use would be either 5 ways to write a sure fire headline or 7 ways to bring traffic to your blog.
  5. Testimonial headline: A testimonial headline is highly effective as it presents proof that you offer great value. This means to write what someone else has said about your products or services in the title.  Quote the actual words they said about your product or services. This way the reader will know that s/he is reading a testimonial.  An example would be “My Morning Starts with A Cup of Steaming Coffee and Reading Content Writer Hub Blog,” confessed Meryl Streep.

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