Writing Product Descriptions That Sell

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Writing product descriptions for an ecommerce website can be time consuming and sometimes downright difficult. However, by following certain best practices you can easily create product copy that grabs attention.

Want to know what are the best product description writing practices? Read on.

  1. Understand why online stores are conceived: Before opening your word file and committing words to it, just remember one point, online stores are virtual sales men. They are designed to sell products. To make sales happen, it’s important that your site has content that persuades the shopper and convince him/her to choose the product.
  2. Get to the point: Since e-commerce sites are conceived to sell, get to the point in the first few sentences. Highlight how product features can benefit users instead of simply listing features to get potential shoppers excited.
  3. Help shoppers draw a vivid mental picture of the product: Challenge yourself to write a product description that help customers draw a vivid mental picture of the product. For instance, if you are writing product description for a kite store by writing something like: “the kite turns well and can perform axels, flat spins and other tricks with natural ease”. You might be able to inspire the imagination of person who loves kite flying. If the description could inspire his/her imagination, buying is more likely to follow.
  4. Let keywords not affect the flow of your copy: It’s important to write content that equally attracts search engines. However you need to make sure that your SEO content writing efforts are not affecting readability. Skim through the following examples:
    1. Welcome to our X store. We offer the best X deals. If you’re looking an X let one of our X specialists find the best X for you.
    2. We bring you the widest collection of X. Orders are shipped within 24 hours and for X orders over $100 shipping is absolutely free!

    Now you know which one communicates better and which one doesn’t. Only the content that appeals to both search engines and human readers can bring sales.

  5. Proofread: The last step is to make sure that all the details you’ve written down are accurate and the content is error free in terms of grammar and spelling.

Start implementing these product description writing tips and see the difference.

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